About Us

Tlayuda L.A.


Everything about Tlayuda L.A. has an artsy, colorful style from the walls to the food! You’re greeted with delicious aromas and friendly faces from the moment you walk in. Masterpieces from local artists, a trendy mural and whimsical Oaxacan creatures are painted around the restaurant. Once you have a bite of the rich guacamole or savory meat, you’re hooked. All of that has been carefully designed by Laura Guerrero, who’s passion is creating the best customer experience. Laura opened her first business in 2010 and why stop at one? Laura’s successful local and online businesses were flourishing and her desire had always been to own a restaurant. I knew I wanted something that is “pretty, that tastes good” and the tlayuda definitely exceeds that requirement! “It’s such a great plate and it’s not a main dish in most Oaxacan restaurant; Most people don’t even know about it. I wanted to give life to it!” As a lifelong foodie, Oaxacan cuisine has always been a favorite. It’s different and something most people have never tasted before.

Tlayuda L.A. brings together the Oaxacan flavors with a contemporary twist – it’s not your traditional Mexican restaurant! “It’s even better than I expected!” is a frequent exclamation from customers enjoying our Oaxacan cuisine for the first time. Our Oaxacan-trained chefs keep the essence of the flavor while creating new tasty dishes. Our signature dish is the tlayuda, a Mexican pizza served with succulent meats and cheeses. The fresh, savory food is certainly “Instagram-able!” and has gained a loyal following already.Within two months of opening, we already had regulars coming in multiple days a week!

Whether we’re your usual Taco Tuesday or a date-night destination, Tlayuda L.A. is one experience you will enjoy every time!

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